Repo Commentary

Hello everyone, friends, clients, colleagues, and constant readers (as Stephen King would say).  It is true that AVM, L.P. and I have mutually parted ways as of 4/27/18.  However, I have not abandoned my passion for Repo, or my particular baby at AVM, Direct Repo, or its more general area of peer-to-peer, all-to-all, directed financing, or perhaps even better, Repo Exchange.  I have also not abandoned all of you and intend to keep in touch with you, while I go through this transition period (for only the second time in my 36-year career in Securities Financing), weighing my several opportunities.  The irony is that I created an idea that connected cash providers to collateral providers that was originally rejected by the market 10 years ago and is now widely accepted, so several competitors have sprung up in the last 10 years, giving me several opportunities.  I will keep you posted where I land (you’ll be the first to know, as it were!), but until then, I will rededicate myself to writing the Repo Commentary, which you will be able to find for FREE here on my domain


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